A First Attempt

I've always been wary of food photography as I had longed to have the proper lighting. Over the months I came to realize that it relied more on proper setting than lighting, as lighting can easily be solved with a tripod or clever placement.

So here is my first attempt at capturing my taste-aesthetic.

Toasted English Muffin With Ham, Asparagus, & Brie

Albeit, this is my first attempt and I definitely notice blurring. I will heighten my techniques with other attempts. Otherwise, the most important thing to me when photographing more specific objects are to take LOTS of photos at many different angles, and to HAVE A PLAN, because you don't want that delicious meal tempting you while you fiddle with your settings for half hour, do you?

P.S. By the way, does anybody else tend to get a grittier texture when they melt brie? It has happened both in the oven and microwave. Are there any techniques to get around this?


cathy said...

thanks for your advice on the chocolate bowls! and your photos look great, i could eat some asparagus right now, yum yum! keep on taking lovely photos :)

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